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It is a special repair mortar used in insulation, active water leakage, assembly and repair works.



It is not poisonous. It can be used everywhere including drinking water. Only water is added to the ready mortar.


Areas of Use It

is used for blocking water leaks in structures such as basements and tunnels, and in water tanks and water tanks.


Preparation of Material

Teknoplug is mixed by adding enough water to wetting.



The surface should be cleaned from materials that prevent adhesion and penetration, such as oil, dust and dirt. The area where the water flow can flow or 2 cm. The TecnoPlug is held on the surface around the currents using gloves until weak water leaks stop.



1 kg. Approximately 270 ml of water is required for TeknoPlug. 1 kg. With TeknoPlug approximately 0.7 lt. mortar is obtained.



6 months in unopened original package. Store in dry place.


Caution When

mixing and applying, wear rubber gloves to protect your skin and eyes from being affected. If applied to eyes, wash with plenty of water. Keep away from foodstuffs and children.





Application Temperature


(+ 5 ° C) - (+ 35 ° C)


Mixing ratio


0,27 lt water / 1 kg powder


Container Life


1 min




Approx. 2 kg for 1 liter space


Shelf life


Unopened packaging 6 months


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