Tekno Egaline 25KG




it is one-component, self-levelling, synthetic polymer reinforced floor levelling mortar of which sticking adhesion power is increased and which is specially formulized for thin applications.

Areas of Usage
it is used as levelling screed under the materials such as tile, ceramic, granite ceramic, marble, natural granite, parquet, PVC and carpet in outer and inner spaces.

Features and Benefits
• it has self-levelling and rapid setting features.
• it is resistant against furniture and wheel chair load.
• it doesn't crack even with too thin thicknesses and adheres perfectly.
• it may be used on floors with floor heating.
• it is easy to apply

Application lnstructions
Surfaces should be clear, smooth and solid and should be cleared of substances and wastes preventing to adhere such as any kinds of dust, oil, dirt, rust, molding oil, detergent. surfaces should bebalanced, weak parts should be removed. lf there is crack or cavity on floor or wall to make application, it should be repaired by convenient TEKNOREP repair mortar. TEKNOSELF application should be carried out 3-4 days later. Concavities on surface should be repaired by TEKNOREP. No dirt and rust should be available on surface. Dry surfaces should be moisturized slightly but no waterhole should be left. TEKNOLATEX 500 should be used on absorber surfaces and TEKNOLATEX 300 should be used on bright surfaces.

Prepared material is poured on ready-primed floor by spreading. Spiked roller may be used in order to eliminate air bubbles on surface. lf primer is not used, then smoothness on the surface can't be obtained as required.

After completing the application, it shouldn't be exposed to strong winds and frost. Therefore protection measurements should be taken.

Application Notes / Restrictions
• it should be protected against negative weather conditions such as direct sunlight, strong wind, high air temperature (over +35°C), rain and frost after the application.
• Application thicker than 1 O mm can't be made on one layer. Applications thicker than 1 O mm should be poured layer-by-layer. TEKNOSELF 500 may also be preferred for thicker applications.
• Floor should be protected from contacting with water after the application. it shouldn't be used places where are always exposed to water.
• it can exceed after min. 24 hours depending on ambient temperature. However it is advised to wait at least 3 days in order to make treatment.
• Cleaning should be make with water before TEKNOSELF is cured. As hardening will be completed a few days after the application, cleaning can only be done by using mechanical equipment.
• lmmediately after the application, just before becoming hard, equipment should be washed with water and hands should be washed with clean warm water and soap.


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